Ha Ji-won

Juli 1, 2008

Ha Ji-won Ha Ji-won (b. June 28, 1979) made her television debut in 1997 on KBS TV. She won a Grand Bell award as the Best New Actress of 2000 with her debut film Truth or Dare, and a Blue Dragon award for Best Supporting Actress with her second film, the popular melodrama Ditto (2000). After achieving wider public recognition as a “horror queen” for her roles in Ahn Sung-ki’s films A Nightmare and Phone, she has branched out into a variety of roles such as that of a cheerleader in Sex is Zero, which was one of most successful comedies of the year 2002.

Thanks to the huge success of her TV drama, Damo in which she starred as a female detective in the Chosun Dynasty and Something That Happened in Bali in which she played a poor girl who was loved by two rich men played by Jo In-sung and So Ji-seop, she gained a reputation as an A-list actress. Her subsequent roles in three comedies — Reversal of Fortune, 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant, and Love, So Divine — were not as successful with audiences, however. In early 2005 she starred in the melodrama Daddy-Long-Legs, based on a famous novel by Jean Webster.

Ha’s next role saw her once again play a Chosun-era female detective, this time in acclaimed director Lee Myung-Se’s Duelist. Probably her highest-profile role to date, the film sees her teams up with Ahn Sung-ki to catch an elusive criminal played by Kang Dong-won.

dari : http://www.koreanfilm.org


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