Jang Hyuk

Juli 1, 2008

Jang Hyuk Jang Hyuk (b. Dec. 20, 1976) began his career in modeling, TV dramas such as “Model” and “School”, music videos, and a minor role in the little-seen film Zzang. His career first began to take off in 2001 when he was cast in the lead role of the special-effects extravaganza Volcano High together with actress Shin Min-ah. His acting in the eccentric role drew praise from fans and critics.

In 2002 he continued to make a name for himself, starring in the sleeper hit Jungle Juice, which made the top of the weekly box-office, and especially in the hugely popular TV drama “Joyful Girl’s Success Story” with actress Jang Nara. He also took a role in Public Toilet, the HK-Korea co-production by acclaimed Hong Kong director Fruit Chan which won a Special Mention in the Upstream section of the 2002 Venice film festival.

In 2003 Jang appeared with actress Lee Na-young in the comedy Teach Me English, by director Kim Sung-soo (Beat, Musa). His next project was even more high-profile, opposite top star Jeon Ji-hyun in Kwak Jae-yong’s Windstruck. Although this film was generally not well received in Korea, it went on to beat Shiri and become the best-selling Korean film of all time in Japan.

In late 2004, together with Song Seung-heon, Jang was found to have illegally avoided his obligatory military service, and after apologizing to his fans he began to serve his two-year term.

dari : http://www.koreanfilm.org


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