Lee Mi-sook

Juli 1, 2008

Lee Mi-sook Lee Mi-sook (b. Apr. 2, 1960) first debuted in film at the age of twenty in Thoughtless Momo in 1979. By the mid-1980s she had became one of the best-known actresses of her era, together with Lee Bo-hee and Won Mi-kyung. Her most famous films from this era include Bae Chang-ho’s Whale Hunting and That Winter Was Warm, Lee Doo-yong’s Bbong and Eunuch, and Kwak Ji-kyun’s Wanderer in Winter. Her early career lasted until the film Love Triangle in 1987, and then she retired from the cinema.

Over ten years later, however, Lee returned with a widely praised role in E J-yong’s award-winning film An Affair, about a woman who falls in love with her sister’s fiance. Using this film as a springboard, she re-launched her career.

In 2000 Lee was cast in the high profile project The Legend of Gingko, which was considered to be production company Kang Jegyu Film’s followup to the successful Shiri (even though Kang himself was not directing). However the film proved to be a critial and commercial disappointment. Lee’s next two films, Besame Mucho and Oh! Lala Sisters, were also more or less ignored by audiences. In contrast, her appearances in TV dramas such as Solitude (2002) were more successful.

However 2003 was one of Lee’s best years, with her highly praised role in E J-yong’s Untold Scandal, a retelling of the novel Dangerous Liasions, and her role as a single mother in Lee Eon-hee’s well-received melodrama …ing.

dari : http://www.koreanfilm.org


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