Lee Na-young

Juli 1, 2008

Lee Na-young The public persona of Lee Na-young (b. February 22, 1979) is interesting for its contradictions. She is most famous, perhaps, as Korea’s quintessential cosmetics model. Only top-ranked models are able to get anywhere near cosmetics ads, and she is considered to have one of the most beautiful and idealized faces in Korea.

She has played off this image to a certain extent in her appearances on TV dramas. Her debut was in the SBS drama Queen in 1998, the same year she started her modeling career. In the coming years she would appear in a number of popular dramas, including Have We Really Loved? (1999) with Bae Yong-joon, KAIST (2000), the critically acclaimed Ruler of Your Own World (2002), and Ireland (2004).

Nonetheless, her image in films has been almost the opposite. She first appeared in the rather unfortunate sci-fi film Dream of a Warrior in 2000 with Hong Kong star Leon Lai, and continued on in the charming but overlooked Who Are You? with Cho Seung-woo. She is best known, however, for her roles in Please Teach Me English and Jang Jin’s Someone Special, where she portrays women who are awkward, eccentric, and the very opposite of glamourous. She has proved to be quite skilled in these roles, contributing greatly to the comic success of those two films and winning a Best Actress prize from the Blue Dragon Awards for her role in Someone Special.

Lee’s next role will be opposite Kang Dong-won in Maundy Thursday, a capital punishment drama based on a famous novel and directed by Song Hye-sung (Failan, Rikidozan).

dari : http://www.koreanfilm.org


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