The 7th New York Korean Film Festival

Juli 1, 2008
Written by Samuel Jamier
Monday, 23 July 2007

I blinked and a whole month passed by, so to speak. While the blog was plunged in deep sleep, due to some translating duties and the writing of my first work of fiction, much has happened, particularly in the way of Asian film festivals. After Subway Cinema’s Asian Film Festival and “Japan Cuts”, after Asian CineVision’s Asian American International Film Festival (obviously, it takes some skill for the layman not to get confused between these super-subtle titular distinguos), and after sitting through more films than I thought was humanly possible, the New York Korean Film Festival team (or, NYKFF, since everybody uses abbreviations these days) will present its 7th incarnation: from Tuesday, August 21 to Sunday, September 2, a line-up of 15 award-winning contemporary films from Korea will be shown at Cinema Village, the IFC Center and the BAM Cinématek.

The team has selected:

– A couple of documentaries: Between, an intriguing exploration of Korean shamanism, and Our School, which chronicles a year in the life of senior students at a North Korean high school on Hokkaido island, in Japan.


Bloody Ties. Bloody, brutal, a hardball noir film about corrupt cops, lowlifes and drugs in Pusan, literally electrified by the high-octane performances by Hwang Jeong-Min and Ryu Seung-Beom. continue reading…


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