The Old Garden: a review

Juli 1, 2008

The New York Korean Film Festival 2007, presented by Helio and organized by The Korea Society:

The Old Garden will be screened on

– Sunday, August 26th 2007, 9:00 PM. At Cinema Village

– Sunday, September 2nd 2007, 3:00 PM. At BAM Rose Cinemas

The Old Garden is an MBC production. (International sales: Cineclick Asia, Seoul.) Produced by Park Jong, Kim Jung-ho. Executive producer, Park Hyun-tae. Co-executive producers, Kim Kwang-seob, Lee Duk-hoon, Kim Sung-kyun, Jhe Min-ho. Directed, written by Im Sang-soo, based on a novel by Hwang Sok-Yong.

History continues because we live.

Kong Sonok, Parched Season

This is the picture of a young happy couple, yes, but also an image of unbearable irony. Behind the glamorous beauty of the couple, played by Yeom Jung-Ah (an ex-miss Korea) and Ji Jin-Hee (not too shabby himself), lies the ugly legacy of a long era of military dictatorship and one of the darkest chapters of South Korea’s recent history.

The commercial success of the soberly entitled May 18th, by Kim Ji-Hoon, this summer (the CJ Entertainment film took the top spot at the box office with 1.45 million viewers, taking in US$ 10.1 million in its first weekend) shows the enduring impact of the event on the country’s collective memory, and its lasting, symbolic and emotional importance. be continued…


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